Sustainable Practices Commitment

We have applied sustainability practices and values far before we served our current green buyers. Those practices are engraved in our name: Suwastama; which is an acronym of total respect for and moral commitment to our natural resources, land, water, wind and sun. This philosophy requires us to always improve our sustainable products and operations, and we have turned it to our identity (i.e. Identity of Suwastama).

The wide use of rapidly renewable fibers in our products is a means to achieving this philosophical approach. Most of the production process and supporting materials are eco-friendly and we try our best to eliminate hazardous chemicals from our products. A material-wide toxicity test for all products provides the consumers with a more sustainable and trustworthy source of home furnishings and accessories. We provide our employees with high safety standard and supports, and ensure our suppliers’ workers also enjoy proper treatment by conducting regular training, written ‘code of conduct’ distribution and compliance audit to our suppliers.

Suwastama represents the future of sustainable Indonesia: modern, expansive, and in respectful harmony with our nature.