Why Choose Rattan?

Natural rattan furniture has remained among users who are prioritizing originality of a product. Generally this furniture product users from among the priority values contained art of fusion processes use natural ingredients.

Call it the technique of "spray" or "washing" is commonly used by the craftsmen natural rattan furniture to produce a coloring composition that is very classy. So the use of natural rattan furniture products is dominated by groups with a certain ecomonic level as well as from among foreigners such as Europe, America and so on.


How do I make a purchase

To make a purchase, please contact our marketing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Is it possible to use your own design

We allow the customer to use their own designs if they already had it. Wheather if the customer wants from our design, we have many designs that can choose according to taste.


What is the minimum amount of purchase

For a minimum purchase is one container with same item of different ( product mix )


How payment systems

Payment using the LC ( Letter of Credit) system / bank to bank